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The hotel


As you step through the doors at the Château Bellevue, you are entering a home that has retained its soul. The antique furniture, exposed beams, and heritage fabrics preserve the warm atmosphere and charm of this family house

Surrounded by the vineyards and valleys of Gascony, you will feel the peace and relaxed pace of the countryside. During the fine summer months, enjoy a stroll through our gardens, relax under the trees, or cool off in our outdoor pool.

Inside, the bar and lounge Château Bellevue offer a place for quiet reading or a drink with friends

Above all, Château Bellevue is the business of a family, that of Michèle Consolaro; her daughters, Charlotte and Emily, and her son-in-law, Thomas. For nearly 10 years now, we have worked together in this house, which is so very dear to us.

Here, we have created a world committed to respect for the history and the beauty of life. We love simple and user-friendly values reminiscent of childhood and the days of yore: homemade jams for breakfast, garden flowers to decorate, warm welcome to our customers.

All this we do with passion: passion for our region, passion for our profession, passion for our home, which we try to make as warm and welcoming as we are