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The Restaurant

Presentation of the restaurant


Our dining room is decorated to bring diners a sense of pleasure and harmony with its honey-coloured walls, crystal glassware, silverware, and specially designed crockery.

In summer, the park and the terrace beckon guests to take lunch or to enjoy a candlelit dinner in the fresh air.

These moments of indulgence are completed by a refined service with thoughtful personal touches

Our sommelier, Thomas, is always on hand, glad to offer you his advice for the perfect complement to your meal and to share the secrets of "the darling of our region”; Armagnac, with you.


 Charlotte’s cuisine is authentic with a feminine flair. True to her roots, she favours local Gascon products from specially selected local producers.

The hard work and emotion of these artisans is evident in the quality and taste of the products they make. Charlotte brings out the best of each ingredient through her inspired and creative preparations.

Local foie gras and poultry from the surrounding Gers countryside, squab raised by Mr. Barrouillet, cheese made traditionally by Amélie, the reknown “black pig” pork and ham of Pierre Matayron, and fruits from the neighbouring orchards are just some of the exceptional ingredients she has close at hand.


Nos engagements

Nous nous engageons dans des démarches de qualité afin de valoriser les produits locaux et de saison.
Tous nos plats sont "fait maison".

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